SAP IS-Retail NexGen Accelerator Suite

SAP IS-Retail NexGen Suite provides pre-automated, reusable Transaction codes built for SAP Retail Business Processes. It includes all the base R/3 components such as Organizational Structure, Master Data, Core Business Processes, Data Distribution, Information Systems, Materials Management, Sales and distribution.

SAP Automation Is Nothing New — But SAP IS-U Package Does It Differently

Retailing today is changing at lightning speed coupled with an ever-tightening decision horizon, changing consumer expectations and an unrelenting flood of data. Here where the opportunity is huge, but at the same time has new market entrants threatening traditional retailers, it is essential to focus on the right strategic priorities to drive digitization across the business. In working with leading retail companies across the globe, We Transitus NexGen Innovative Solutions have developed 446 pre-automated reusable transaction codes covering business models such as Logistics, Financial Accounting, Controlling, Human Resources, Accounting, Cross-Application Components, Tools and these models covers all R/3 Components in SAP IS-Retails

Accelerator helps to jump start any SAP Test Automation projects

  • Reduce test design automation effort using existing Frameworks, methods and standards
  • Direct cost savings using Automated SAP transactions
  • Completely aligned to Agile methodology
  • Modular level approach helps to build business process quickly
  • Satisfy the IT compliance to capture messages and Test evidences
  • High Performance with less execution effort

Faster Time to Market

The automated tests were created with most of the fields relevant to IS-Retail which in-turn to build different Business Processes. Pre-built parameters can be used to fill the data and Modules are built to capture the test message and provide test evidence for Test execution. In addition to the test, folder structure created in the accelerator replica of Solution Manager. Automated test is easy to understand and consumes less effort to remediate in client environment.

Reusability, Maintainability & Redundancy

This accelerator package built in two ways to address Strategic and transactional needs. Tricentis Tosca automated test typically works in modules. All the SAP transactions are built without any duplicate modules to improve efficiency and effectiveness in Test execution. Keep in mind of operational changes, there are a lot of modules built, that can be used as repeatable, reusable and Maintainable.

Cost Savings

Reduced efforts to projects due to pre-built Automated transactions. Effort reduction directly proportionate to cost savings. Our experiences speak minimum assured 40% of cost savings due to Accelerator.

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