Stellium Accelerator for SAP EWM

Test your scenarios in Extended Warehouse Management using the Stellium Accelerator for SAP EWM. Pre-Built automated transactions make it effortless to convert them into End to End Scenarios according to the requirements.

Expedite your SAP Automation Testing

A successful SAP EWM implementation requires continuous testing of the system processes. However, flaws must be detected early and fixed immediately to guarantee quality reporting and apt decision-making. Automation testing is essential when it comes to dealing with SAP EWM systems containing vast amount of data. Relying completely on manual testing cannot safeguard the full potential of SAP EWM implementation while automated testing supports application quality, saves time, and cost. It has the capability to radically advance the productivity.

Use the Accelerator Package for EWM developed by Stellium to speed up your testing activities. This package is equipped with the Major Transaction Codes that are crucial and used extensively for the purpose of EWM Testing. The reusable test step blocks have also been embraced in this package to improve the efficiency of testing by using the reusable factor.

Stellium Inc in Partnership with Tricentis, has delivered SAP EWM Accelerator Suite which consists of over 250 Transaction Codes across multiple business processes such as services in Delivery Processing, Monitoring, Execution, and Transportation Unit. It also includes required SAP ECC transaction codes and processes.

This Package helps customers to expedite testing without effecting the quality. As a result, you can accomplish the following:

  • Ensure the focus of SAP EWM implementation to reach pre-defined business requirements
  • Pace up routine processes to reduce time and cost, leading to improved revenue and ROI

Test Case

Follow best practices to ensure high grade of business readability, the Test case folder is structured according to the SAP MENU Hierarchy which makes it a comparatively easier to identify the test cases belonging to the respective Processes.

Maintenance & Reusability

Modules have been identified according to structure of all available navigation items. Modules created for each functional unit of the object to be tested are reusable, stable, and maintainable.

Cost Efficiency

Test Cases and Modules are Pre-packaged which can be reused for several transactions if business demands. This accelerator package helps to save a lot of effort, time, and cost.

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