Valori Accelerator for OutSystems

Speed up your test case design and automation using a set of standard modules provided in the Valori Accelerator pack for OutSystems.

Accelerate your test automation on OutSystems

The Valori Accelerator Package for OutSystems contains features that help OutSystems testers accelerate and streamline test automation. The package provides reusable TestStepBlocks for handling generic OutSystems objects. These TestStepBlocks contain generic modules with dynamic identifiers. OutSystems testers can then easily use the naming conventions used in OutSystems, to identify the objects they want to use in their Test Cases.

Tricentis created a Dynamic-link Library (.dll) file together with Valori to pick up Default Names from the OutSystems platform for objects used in the system under test (SUT). This heavily speeds up creating modules because re-naming and identifying of the objects is done during the initial scan and, in most cases, does not require extra user action for creating logical names for objects. This file is provided in the first release of this Accelerator.

In short:

  • A general way of identifying objects and reusing this logic in all your Test Cases
  • Save 100% of time in scanning the most common objects by always reusing the same, dynamically pre-set modules
  • Involve your business by making sure your test cases are set up logically with BDD examples and use of buffers

Naming conventions and BDD governance for Tosca on OutSystems

Our unique custom library file, OutSystems naming conventions and BDD Test Cases makes identifying objects super easy.

Generic OutSystems Modules and reusable TestStepBlocks

Different OutSystems applications contain many common screen elements. This package is ready to use for any OutSystems application.

Do’s & Don’ts on OutSystems Testing

Every release comes with best practices on how to use the modules and TestStepBlocks. This reduces time on scanning and creating modules drastically!

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