Valori Accelerator for PegaSystems

Speed up your test case design and automation using a set of standard modules provided in the Valori Accelerator pack for Pega. Expand your GUI tests with API test setup for more robust test cases. Example test cases are provided to guide you through design.


Accelerate your test automation on Pega

The Valori Accelerator Package for Pega contains features that help Pega testers accelerate and streamline test automation. The package provides reusable TestStepBlocks for handling generic Pega actions. The package also includes pre-prepared modules and test cases to test generic Pega functionalities, as well as documentation on how to test Pega applications with Tricentis Tosca.

API-level testing enables faster, more robust testing. With Pega 7, PegaSystems provides the Pega API, a set of built-in REST services for Pega applications. The first release of the accelerator package contains a set of modules for the most critical and commonly-used used services. The modules include example test cases which demonstrate how to use the services to create your own tests.


Pre-prepared Pega API Modules

Modules have been created for the most commonly-used Pega API REST services, including example TestCases that illustrate how to use these modules for your application.

Generic Pega Test Cases, Modules and reusable TestStepBlocks

Different Pega applications contain many common screen elements. The package contains pre-built generic modules, testcases and reusable TestStepBlock that you can easily use for your own Pega application.

Factsheets, Movies, Do’s & Don’ts on Pega Testing

Documentation helps you easily automate your tests on Pega. Learn best practices such as tips for automating Pega screens.