Software Fail Report Says Almost 5 Billion People Affected by Software Bugs in 2015

LOS ALTOS, CA, 20 January 2016 – Despite the apparent ‘death of testing,’ Tricentis’ newly published report, ‘Software Fail Watch: 2015 in Review’, makes a strong case for the continued necessity of enterprise software testing.

‘Software Fail Watch: 2015 in Review’ features statistics aggregated from a collection of over 450 software bug news articles published in 2015. The report and accompanying database of news stories reveals the sheer volume of software bugs encountered on a day-to-day basis, as well as patterns in where and how they occur.  The report breaks the bugs into six broad industry categories, including interesting facts such as the company involved, the number of people impacted, and the duration of the story within the news cycle. Tweet this: Nearly 430 Billion Dollars in Assets were Affected by Software Bugs in Software Fail Watch: 2015 in Review #softwarefails

All enterprises, it would seem, are vulnerable to the dreaded software bug. As enterprises race to create more innovative and groundbreaking apps, the risk of releasing brand damaging, bug-ridden software becomes ever greater.

“Nobody is immune to bugs, especially not digital enterprises,” says Wolfgang Platz, CPO and Founder of Tricentis, market leader in enterprise software test automation. “This report is a crucial reminder of how easily a software bug can destroy enterprise value. Risk-based testing is key to ensure that you can keep your enterprise out of reports like these.”

To the uninitiated, reading the ‘Software Fail Watch: 2015 in Review’, is an eye opening experience. A year‘s worth of software failure stories reveals the startling ubiquity of the software bug, and makes a convincing argument for the staying power of enterprise software quality assurance.

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