Tricentis Selects Perfecto as Newest Cloud Partner

New partnership improves quality and accelerates software development for Tricentis Tosca mobile users

BOSTON–Perfecto and Tricentis today announced the general availability of a new partner integration where Tricentis users can accelerate delivery by executing their automated mobile tests in Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab. This partnership provides Tricentis users on-demand access to Perfecto’s extensive mobile test environments.

Today’s mobile strategy requires a Continuous Testing process that validates software changes on a wide array of mobile devices. However, as demands for software quality and delivery speed grow, it’s not efficient to acquire, configure, and manage all the required devices in a local test environment. The new integration with Perfecto allows Tricentis tests to be executed across a diverse set of thousands of cloud-based devices in a way that’s seamlessly integrated into modern development processes and existing development pipelines. This helps Tricentis users rapidly scale their mobile testing efforts via access to the cloud.

“DevOps teams are continually looking for opportunities to accelerate testing and achieve greater value from automation tools,” said Dr. Gerd Weishaar, Chief Product Officer at Tricentis. “This partnership offers Tricentis Tosca users the ability to reduce business risk through the exceptional device support available across Perfecto’s globally-distributed Continuous Quality Lab.”

Through this partnership, Tricentis Tosca mobile users enjoy enterprise-grade cloud reliability and scalability that is secure, compliant and available 24/7. It gives users access to superior device support across the globe. Additional benefits include:

  • Easily transition automation from local device execution to zero maintenance, scalable, cloud-based real devices.
  • Complete digital platform coverage and same-day support for new platform and operating systems through Perfecto’s Platform Connectivity Layer™ architecture.
  • Easy integration into any development toolchain leveraging Perfecto’s DevOps bridge plugins and APIs that enable quality activities across the code-build-test-deploy-monitor cycle.
  • Enable higher automation coverage with Appium based on Perfecto Automation Coverage Extensions™.
  • Full visibility of results to accelerate troubleshooting with Perfecto’s DigitalZoom™ Reporting that provides teams with an interactive drill down to quickly pinpoint defects.

“It’s humbling to be chosen by yet another major technology vendor to integrate with our cloud-based lab. The market recognizes that leveraging the cloud is a clear development accelerator,” said Roi Carmel, chief strategy officer at Perfecto. “The partnership with Tricentis affirms our commitment to create an open platform that easily integrates with modern app development pipelines strategies.”

To learn more about Perfecto’s partnership with Tricentis and other vendors, visit this link.

About Tricentis

With the industry’s #1 Continuous Testing platform, Tricentis is recognized for reinventing software testing for DevOps. Through risk-based testing, scriptless end-to-end test automation, and the industry’s most extensive technology support, Tricentis breaks through the barriers experienced with conventional software testing methods. Our innovative technologies simplify testing for even the most complex enterprise applications—transforming testing from a roadblock to a catalyst for innovation.

Tricentis is the only vendor to achieve “leader” status in all three top analyst reports. This honor is based on our technical leadership and a Global 2000 customer base of 800+ companies. These customers rely on Tricentis to achieve and sustain test automation rates of over 90%—increasing risk coverage while accelerating testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps.

Tricentis has offices in Austria, Australia, Germany, India, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, United States and the UK. To learn more, visit

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Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab enables DevOps teams to accelerate development, achieve continuous testing and monitoring, and drive fast feedback through actionable analytics for web, mobile, and IoT apps. More than 3,000 customers rely on Perfecto’s cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab as their digital app test environment and for authoring test automation executed on real browsers, smartphones, and devices under real end-user conditions. For more information about Perfecto, visit, join our community, or follow us on Twitter at @PerfectoMobile.

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