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Meet our Partners

With their track record of accomplishment and nuanced understanding of your system environment, Tricentis partners keep you and your team on the path to innovation.



Pankaj Rai Jain, Managing Director at Accenture

Accenture and Tricentis have been working together since 2009 and we continue to find new solutions for our customers, together. Accenture is instrumental in implementing Tricentis approaches and solutions, including Tricentis Tosca and related services.



Roland Strahlhofer Managing Director at Sixsentix Austria

Sixsentix’s unique risk-based Testing services provide business with unprecedented quality and transparency across Software Delivery 


Chris Rolls, CEO at TTC Americas

TTC works with Tricentis to provide organizations with significant opportunity to deploy testing into their environments without having to scale up headcount and its associated logistics. 

Narwal, Inc.

Raj Kanuparthi, CEO at Narwal

“Companies are all about speed to market these days and the biggest bottleneck most companies face is testing. In that front, Tricentis Tosca plays in the center of test automation and continuous testing”


Thomas Neubacher, Head of Business Unit Automation at Qualysoft

Qualysoft has found that “companies are able to deliver faster with Tricentis products–a client that released 3-4x a year now find themselves releasing every two weeks” 


Carsten Lenz and Marco Scharnetzke

“We help our clients get testing to the next level in an efficient way…it’s all about finding a solution for the client”

Sii Poland

Marcin Laksander, Competency Center Director at Sii Poland

“Tricentis pays huge attention to the quality of Tosca and other products…Tosca is made for testers by testers”  


Giorgio Riva, Technical Director at Quence

Quence helps their clients in Italy and beyond by identifying and defining needs implementing the most suitable solutions to achieve software quality