Partner - Coforge

Future-Ready Quality Engineering

Quality at Coforge begins before a line of code is written. Coforge helps businesses design and implement their Quality Engineering roadmaps with our Three Horizons approach. Quality.Now establishes start-left early in the lifecycle, Quality.Next enables integrated intelligent automation, and Quality.Beyond introduces predictive practices to bring about early, autonomous decision-making.

Coforge + Tricentis

Tricentis’ end-to-end platform underpins each aspect of Coforge’s QE Methodology – Quality.Now, Quality.Next, and Quality.Beyond. We continue to collaborate to bring automous, intelligent based quality engineering principles and practices to enable our customer’s transformation.

Disruptive Automation Engineering

Flatten your cost and risk curves while reducing time to market for digital transformation

Digital Assurance

Assure the customer experience and brand loyalty while levelling costs and improving time to market

Cloud Migration & Cloud Testing

Assure zero customer impact and best-in-class user experience while both moving to the cloud and building on the cloud