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Tricentis RPA Studio

Your RPA Workspace to Design, Create, and Test Your Bots

With Tricentis RPA Studio, business users can design and create Bots in no time. Built on our market-leading model-based automation engine, Tricentis RPA Studio provides visual UI and intuitive tooling to ensure a rapid ramp-up.

Business-Friendly Tools

Bot creation begins with a flow chart. Visual and intuitive, our scriptless flow chart system enables anyone to create and run bots instantly. Click, select, and drag & drop—that’s how you design Bots with Tricentis. Scan your application to create your Bot’s building blocks. Arrange those building blocks in the Flowchart. Tell the Bot what to do with them. You’ll have automated your manual tasks before you know it!

RPA Studio Flow Chart

No Coding, No Scripting

Our model-based automation gives you the ultimate RPA user experience: you don’t need to code; you don’t need to script. Tricentis RPA Studio’s visual, scriptless tooling puts business users in control—any business user can automate virtually any process that runs on any technology.

RPA Model Based Automation

Tosca Reusability

If you already use Tricentis Tosca, you have a further advantage: you can reuse test cases that you created with Tricentis Tosca. There is no need for modeling automation from scratch. On top of the speed you gain from the simplicity of Tricentis Studio, you can reduce extra time to RPA implementation—up to 50% in some cases.