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qTest APIs

Most Flexible APIs for Test Management

In addition to our out-of-the-box integrations with popular tools like Jira Software, Jenkins and Cucumber, Tricentis qTest comes with the most open, flexible APIs for your custom integration needs.


Leverage qTest APIs for Custom Integrations

qTest APIs have the endpoints you need to centralize test management across your tool stack. Integrate any tool, whether it’s open source, proprietary or custom built.


Unify Test Results

Ingest test results from unit, integration and functional tests into a single interface


Migrate Data

Use APIs to migrate data from legacy systems into qTest Manager


Improve Organization

Programmatically parse test runs and plans into clean, organized folder structures

Scaling Test Automation with qTest APIs

Having trouble scaling your test automation? Dolby partnered with Tricentis qTest to develop additional API methods to bulk upload results, reducing test run reporting time from hours to minutes.

Dolby’s continuous integration systems is constantly running builds and test automation on a 24 x 7 basis across the globe generating tens of thousands of test results per day which are sent through qTest APIs.

Get Interactive API Documentation

Our interactive API documentation allows automation engineers and developers to easily see how qTest APIs can be used for custom integrations.

Hook in your test automation frameworks through our qTest APIs for test result aggregation across unit, integration and functional testing.

  • Export sample code in multiple languages: Java, C#, Python, and Ruby
  • Leverage qTest Insights’ data analytics capabilities

Bring It All Together

Use qTest APIs to report unit, integration and functional test results into one location in order to gain full visibility into the testing methodologies of each team