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qTest manager

Track & Manage Test Executions

qTest Manager provides an intuitive UI experience for test execution; manage, track and execute all of your test runs across multiple projects.

Assign and Execute Tests with Confidence

Gain visibility into your entire test life cycle across projects, builds, cycles, suites and more.

Simple Organization

qTest Manager’s layering capabilities allows for a clear representation of the work you need to accomplish.

Any Methodology

qTest Manager supports the different types of testing your teams want to use.  Whether it’s manual, automated, or exploratory testing, qTest Manager has you covered.

Defect and Requirement Connections

Easily log a defect and show the connection to the affected requirements.

Intuitive Test Execution

qTest Manager’s UI is built for fast test run planning and test execution without limiting how these runs are organized.

Use the quick run feature to batch assign run status, or leverage the test pad to stream through test step execution.

Test Planning Streamlined

Lightning fast test run planning and execution without limiting how these runs are organized in releases, cycles and test suites.


Add Test Runs

Add test runs based off which tests have associated requirements and defects.


Search Test Runs

Use the data query to generate powerful search criteria to pull in test runs based off custom meta data.


Configure Test Runs

Creating test run configurations is a great way to streamline run creation during test execution.


Execute Test Runs

Test runs can be executed quickly through the quick run feature or report test step status with the Test Pad.

Combining CI Results with Testing

Jenkins remains one of the most popular continuous integration tools for agile testing.  With qTest’s supported integration, pulling in Junit style xml reporting has never been easier.

Manage Automated Tests

Kick off test automation through popular open source frameworks and pull in test run results from continuous integration tools.

CI Tool Results

Connect your continuous integration tools with qTest for consolidated reporting across your testing pipeline.  Out of the box integrations with Jenkins and Bamboo will eliminate any custom work to be done.

Schedule Executions

qTest provides out of the box test run execution scheduling the most popular open source frameworks like Cucumber, TestNG, JUnit and more!

Analyze Log Files

Automation logs are key to understanding if your team needs to file a bug or fix the automation script.  Let qTest consume all logs files for easy analysis.

Rapid Test Planning

Test Planning and organization remains one the most time sucking activities for test managers.

qTest Manager empowers the team and test leads to quickly add and organize test runs based off linked associations, meta data, regressions cycles and more.