Leading technical analysts and software testing experts have identified exploratory testing as a critical practice for improving software quality. Exploratory testing is much more than error guessing or common bug hunting; it’s an orchestrated event that enables a team to catch bugs earlier.

Learn how exploratory testing can shift your perspective on the application under test and increase the effectiveness of your agile testing process. Watch this on-demand webinar, where Tricentis Product Manager Ingo Philipp and VirtusaPolaris Director of Software QA Shyam Ramanathan explore:

  • Why exploratory testing is the heart of all things testing
  • The role of exploratory testing in Agile and Continuous Testing
  • Choosing among exploratory testing strategies (session-based, tour-based, polychrome, etc.)

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Ingo Philipp
Product Manager

Ryam RamanathanShyam Ramanathan
Director of Software Quality Assurance, North America Delivery Head