Recorded: Several recordings available
Duration: 45 min.
Language: English

Automation remains one of the most underused tools in the tester’s toolkit. Though test automation technology has been around for 40 years, only 15% of regression tests are automated. For organizations under constant pressure to speed time to value and meet the growing expectations of customers and partners, this slow rate of automation is clearly not acceptable. Businesses are increasingly making the transition from manual to automated test cases to pursue technology-enabled revenue opportunities as rapidly as possible.

But what yields the best results earliest while avoiding the so-called “automation trap,” the maintenance burden that comes with automating test cases? The Tricentis approach to automation in Tricentis Tosca makes it easy for your testing teams to create a model of your application’s interface based on modules, the basic building blocks for testing. Because all automated test cases are assembled using these building blocks, no specialized technical skills are required to execute and maintain tests. Any changes in the application can be seamlessly synchronized with the modules that Tosca automatically creates.

In this short, 45-minute webinar, you will see a demo of Tricentis Tosca and learn more about:

  • Automated testing and how it can speed time to value for your company
  • Leveraging the knowledge of business testers to automate test cases
  • Model-based testing and the use of modules in Tricentis Tosca.