The digital disruption and its demand for speed-to-market places increasing pressure on the agility of data-warehouses (DWH). With the increasing need for strict compliance, companies are struggling to maintain a high degree of quality assurance for both data and transformation processes in the DWH.

Testing of data-warehouses (DWH) usually occurs late in the cycle. Business analysts get dragged into the process of checking reports produced by the business intelligence (BI) logic, which creates additional effort to their regular daily business. When errors are detected, the cause of the error can be anything from: whether it is a data quality issue stemming from when the data enters the DWH, or is it a data processing issue, caused by a malfunction of the business logic along the layers of the DWH and its BI components. This is a painstakingly tedious task and often results in many hours of manual effort.

Tricentis Tosca Testsuite’s comprehensive Model-based Test Automation is the Continuous Testing solution for the DWH realm. Our Model-based Test Automation extension for DWH/BI seamlessly integrates into Tosca Testsuite, enabling customers to benefit from Tosca Testsuite’s fully integrated software testing solution (incl. test case and test data management).

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