Everyone in the software development industry is talking about Continuous Testing these days…but are we all referring to the same thing? What is Continuous Testing? Is it just a new buzzword for “test automation”?

Continuous Testing and test automation are actually quite different—and, from the tester’s perspective, that’s a good thing. Testers have been wrestling with test automation for years, yet most teams are not satisfied with their current level of test automation or the overhead required to maintain it. Additionally, the past few years have brought a sea change in the way that applications are architected, developed, and consumed—increasing both the complexity of testing and the business impact of software failures.

Read this paper to learn:

  • What is Continuous Testing
  • Where traditional test automation falls short in modern development and delivery processes
  • The 3 main differences between Continuous Testing and test automation
  • How testers can address each of the 3 key elements of Continuous Testing