Duration: 60 min.
Language: English

Your software is the face of your brand in a way it never was before. When your software doesn’t perform flawlessly, your brand suffers. As consumer expectations for your software increase, so does the business risk inherent in your software processes. As shorter development cycles become the norm for companies racing to get products and services to market, testing teams need a better way to minimize business-related risk.

The Risk Management Engine in Tricentis Tosca helps measure, manage, and control risk coverage through prioritization and execution of tests based on business value. The Risk Management Engine eschews the practice of creating more test cases without understanding the associated test coverage. Executing the right tests with the appropriate risk coverage makes software testing work for a team concerned with cost, quality, and schedule. Built-in real-time analytics highlight the results of each test case and provide immediate feedback on testing processes.

In this 1-hour webinar, you will see a demo of Tricentis Tosca and learn more about:

The Tricentis approach to minimizing risk while delivering high quality on time and on budget
How to leverage the knowledge of business testers to weight test cases according to business risk
How to analyze results in real time to make sure that you’re testing what needs it most