Duration: 60 min.
Language: English

A constant fear during testing projects, is the inability to meet deadlines while ensuring quality and avoiding risk. In this webinar, Tricentis Co-Founder Wolfgang Platz and Tricentis Product Manager Ingo Philipp introduce a benchmark of best practices collected over the past years during several fast-paced software development projects. The webinar will address several key issues Tricentis has recently encountered from various testing projects, such as:

  • The need  to continuously increase quality in terms of business risk, even in a turbulent environment
  • Meet demands of increased time-to-market by establishing a test case portfolio that is not only easy to understand and maintain, but also has a high degree of re-usability and is able to react to changes instantaneously
  •  The need to structure test case executions with quality measures, in order to save valuable testing time and create guaranteed risk-free safety net

In this webinar learn more about on-going agile testing issues from our best practices and how this can optimize your time and effort in any software development project.