Tricentis Tosca’s SAP Testing helps enterprises reduce risks while accelerating the pace of business process innovation. With the industry’s most advanced SAP business process testing solution, Tricentis helps enterprises effortlessly detect the impact of change to their critical business transactions—across and beyond SAP (including APIs, web UIs, mobile interfaces, custom back-end systems, packaged applications, and more).

Download the fact sheet to learn more about Tricentis Tosca’s SAP testing, including:

  • Autonomous, zero-touch scriptless testing
  • The industry’s most comprehensive support for SAP, including SAP Fiori, SAP UI, NetWeaver UI, and SAP iDocs
  • SAP impact analysis tied to requirements and business risks
  • Complete business process testing that (natively) covers mobile UIs, web services, ESBs, APIs, web UIs, mainframes, and even big data