Recognizing that today’s customers expect faster and more personalized ways to interact with their utility providers, AGL Energy invested $300 million in a Customer Experience Transformation program. This spurred an “Idea to Production in 5 days” initiative for AGL’s SAP delivery units. However, the teams responsible for these units were accustomed to quarterly SAP backend delivery cycles. One key hurdle to this acceleration was their lengthy regression test cycles. How could they move from idea to production in 5 days when it took over a week to run their planned regression test suite?

Download this case study to see how they transformed their SAP testing process to meet these goals—with an impressive 83% time savings. You’ll learn how they:

  • Automated end-to-end testing across a myriad of complex and specialized technologies
  • Eliminated the hassles and delays associated with test data generation/preparation
  • Reduced regression testing time from over a week to one hour