The Software Fail Watch is an analysis of all the software bugs found in a year’s worth of English language news articles. The result is an extraordinary reminder of why effective software testing is so crucial to every business.

The report identified 548 recorded software fails impacting 4.4 billion people and $1.1 trillion in assets. And this is just scratching the surface—there are far more software bugs in the world than we will likely ever know about.

Download the report for a detailed analysis of 2016 software fails, including:

  • The overall impact on businesses, users, time, and assets
  • How the number and type of software fails in 2016 compared to 2015
  • Software fail trends within and across industries—finance, retail, services (e.g., internet, telecom), government, transportation, and entertainment

As the demand for the latest and greatest in technology and convenience grows, so does the need for software testers to protect their users and their brand from the potential influx of software failures. Our goal at Tricentis is to help testers succeed in this role—enabling fast, efficient, comprehensive testing that’s designed to support Continuous Testing, Agile, and DevOps.

Ultimately, we want to ensure that the inevitable software bugs are found by your testers, not your customers.

Wolfgang Platz
Founder and CPO of Tricentis

How It Works

The Software Fail Watch is a collection of software bugs found in a year’s worth of English language news articles. To find the stories, we set up a Google account with an alert for phrases such as “software glitch” and “software bug”.

Then we manually sorted through each of the alerts, picking out promising headlines, reading the articles for relevance, and noting down any specific details of interest. If the article reported a software bug, we logged it into an Excel sheet, and extracted as much information as possible.

What industry does this fall into? Does the article say how much the affected software cost to implement?
Does it mention how many cars were recalled? How long was the system down? Is the associated company public, private, or a government contractor?

You get the idea.




Software Fails


Software Fails 2016 affected people

Statistically, there is a very good chance that you have been personally impacted by a software failure this year – perhaps even in the last quarter, or week.

Keep your company’s name off this list.

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