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Published: June 16th, 2017 – Wayne Ariola – SD Times

For over two decades now, software testing tool vendors have been tempting enterprises with the promise of test automation. However, the fact of the matter is that most companies have never been able to achieve the desired business results from their automation initiatives. Recent studies report that test automation rates average around 20% overall, and from 26-30% for agile adopters.

I believe that several factors contribute to these dismal automation results…

Legacy software testing platforms were designed for a different age
The most commonly-used software testing tools today are predicated on old technology, but enterprise architectures have continued to evolve over the years. Development no longer focuses on building client/server desktop applications on quarterly release cycles — with the luxury of month-long testing windows before each release.

Almost everything has changed since test automation tools like those by Mercury, HP, Micro Focus, Segue, Borland, and IBM were developed. Retrofitting new functionality into fundamentally old platforms is not the same as engineering a solution that addresses these needs natively.

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