Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Testing with Tricentis Tosca

The finance sector is buzzing with talk of new compliance requirements such as SOX and Basel II & III for banks. This comprehensive set of reforms demand exact and consolidated data reporting. Savvy institutions quickly realized that the same investment, infrastructure, and process models could be the basis for effective corporate management on both the strategic and tactical levels.

Data warehouses (DWH) and business intelligence (BI) provide the required reports. As the importance of reporting continues to increase, so does the importance of DWH/BI testing to ensure high data and processing quality. However, until now DWH/BI testing has not been a high priority. In fact, little regression testing happens to ensure functionality and even release testing is often inconsistent. Nevertheless, both requirements are crucial to Tricentis customers.

Tosca for DWH/BI

After screening the market for suitable tools, Tricentis partnered with DWH experts to create a specific solution to meet the requirements arising from existing testing projects in the DWH/BI space.

Today, Tosca for DWH/BI represents a paradigm shift in DWH/BI testing. With its TOSCA IQ (Intelligent Querying) component, Tosca for DWH/BI is expanding the possibilities of SQL queries and thus breaking through the barriers of conventional methods.

What to Expect

  • Automated data quality testing
  • Automated testing of the entire DWH/BI processing
  • Performance boost in test execution (run time reduced by up to 95%)
  • Business-based test case definition with no hyper-complex SQL
  • Reduced test case maintenance effort
  • Accelerated path (3 – 6 months) to achieve test sets with high coverage of business risk (> 90%)

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