Exploratory Testing for Jira

Facilitate testing across Agile teams with simplified exploratory testing session planning, documentation, and reporting—directly within the Atlassian Jira environment. We will handle the documentation and reporting so you can focus on effective testing.

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“Shift left” testing and exposes issues that specification-based testing cannot find.

Exploratory Testing for Jira helps you optimize exploratory testing with simplified planning, documentation, and reporting. Your team can easily plan test sessions, automatically record test actions with annotated screenshots and videos, and instantly share detailed results—directly from Atlassian Jira. This facilitates collaboration and ensures fast quality feedback for Agile and DevOps.

Teams can plan and timebox sessions, write charters, define test objectives, invite team members, and add related artifacts directly from Jira.  A broad array of team members—QA, developers, UX specialists, product owners, business analysts, etc.—can be invited to participate, and they can immediately start testing with the click of a button. Session owners gain a quick overview of session results and progress, while all participating testers get instant access to all the details required for testing.

Exploratory Testing for Jira Plan Sessions

Plan Sessions

Robust session-based test management helps you structure testing – planning and distributing tasks to ensure goals are covered.

Exploratory Testing for Jira Record Test Actions

Record Test Actions

Automatically record test actions with annotated screenshots and videos for accurate documentation and defect reproduction.

Share Results

Track session status as testing progresses and instantly share detailed results for seamless collaboration and fast feedback.