Georg Thurner

Georg Thurner
Product Manager,

Georg Thurner

Frank Puranik
Product Director,

Think about the last time you were buying something on your mobile, entering credit card details and at that very moment your mobile network failed. Was your transaction completed, or not? Did you panic?

In the world of mobile, most of us do have similar experiences – apps or web pages which fail at crucial moments due to network conditions and cost you or your company money and a damaged reputation. Unreliable networks become an “operational” risk for your digital business.

In this webinar you will learn how to test your app by running Tosca Mobile+ over realistic network conditions using iTrinegy’s virtual test networks, so you can use automation to mitigate your risks and guarantee acceptable end-user experience.

Join iTrinegy Product Director Frank Puranik and Tricentis Product Manager Georg Thurner to learn how to:

  • Add real network conditions to your regression test set
  • Set-up and simulate bad network conditions
  • Enable Tricentis Tosca to control network simulation during test executions
  • Re-use Tricentis Tosca Test cases for operational test

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