The 2020 Testing Trends That Quality Leaders Need to Know

As the focus in software development shifts from adoption of Agile and DevOps to sophistication of approach and consistency of execution, so too does the industry’s understanding of testing’s role in the development cycle. More enterprises understand that testers need to work in constant collaboration with developers, which is shaping how teams test, as well as expanding the systems and environments they have to test in. As 2019 draws to an end, we take stock of all the milestones testing crossed, as well as the ones that still lie ahead. Join us as we discuss the trends we expect to have the most significant impact on testing in the coming year:

  • AI-powered testing comes of age
  • The rise of “smart” testing and the shrinking of test case libraries
  • Test automation and RPA’s convergence
  • Developments in IoT, big data, security, cloud services and more


Wolfgang Platz,
Founder and CPO,

Ryan Yackel,
Product Management,

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