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Five things everyone should know about Tricentis and enterprise continuous testing

Throughout my career I have had the honor lead numerous quality assurance teams and projects with a variety of enterprise and open source tools. But in many instances, it just seemed harder than it needed to be. Test automation was supposed to reduce our work and effort, not increase it! And then I was introduced to Tricentis and had an epiphany (five actually).

Model based test automation really does hold the key effective testing with less effort, and you don’t need to be highly technical to make it work. In fact, we can actually do less testing and be more effective at the same time!

When I think back at all of the hours of effort that went into UI, API and data integrity testing across my projects, I realize what a better job I could have done for my partners and customers if only I had known. Quite simply, enterprise continuous testing with Tricentis is now the only way to keep up because the pace of change we are experiencing today is as slow as it will ever be again…

Bill Hayden
Senior Solution Architect – Alliances, Tricentis

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