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Break free from bad testing habits

After every nightmare release and the associated late night test-a-thons, testers always vow that “this will be the last time.” Yet, we still end up getting sucked into the same cycle of ballooning test maintenance, long waits for test data, falling behind with regression testing, and/or reverting to manual testing when automation becomes too complicated.  

This webinar shares practical advice for finally getting ahead of the game—so you can deliver the fast, actionable feedback that team members expect… and still get some sleep.

Join Ryan Yackel to learn how you can: 

  • Simplify test maintenance and avoid the trap of false positives
  • Focus your limited testing resources on the tasks that will make the greatest impact
  • Tidy up your test cases and your test execution strategy to “spark joy”
  • Make more insightful decisions without having to continuously chase and correlate results from your various testing tools

Ryan Yackel, Director of Product, Tricentis

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