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DevOps Chat: Continuous Testing with Sandeep Johri, CEO, Tricentis

Tricentis’ merger with QASymphony is happening at a time when continuous testing is becoming one of the hottest areas in DevOps. The demand for automated, continuous testing is driving a revolution in the QA market as companies recognize that quality is as important as speed when it comes to deploying new apps. It is a key cog in the modern software factory.’s Alan Shimel had a chance to sit down and speak with Tricentis CEO,  Sandeep Johri, about today’s announcement, the testing market and what the future may hold. Sandeep, who has previous experience at HP and other large providers, has a great vision of the market and where it is heading as well as the details that escape many “professional manager” CEOs. His hand is firmly on the wheel as he drives Tricentis forward in this space.

Have a listen to their conversation below…