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Forrester Research on DevOps Quality Metrics that Matter: APAC

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The way that we develop and deliver software has changed dramatically in the past 5 years — but the metrics we use to measure quality remain largely the same. Every other aspect of application delivery has been scrutinized and optimized as we transform our processes for DevOps. Why not put quality metrics under the microscope as well?  

To provide the DevOps community an objective perspective on what quality metrics are most critical for DevOps success, Tricentis commissioned Forrester to research the topic. Forrester analyzed how DevOps leaders use and value 75 common quality metrics—then identified which metrics matter most for DevOps success.

The global results are available in the complete Forrester DevOps Quality Metrics ebook. This report focuses on the findings specific to the Asia Pacific region, including: 

  • What categories of quality metrics were overwhelmingly more important in the APAC region than the global average 
  • How broader APAC finance industry trends are impacting quality metrics usage and valuation 
  • How regional DevOps leaders or laggards compare on quality metrics measurement 

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