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Gartner Research | Cloud data warehouse: Are you shifting your problems to the cloud or solving them?

Several factors have created the perfect storm for the rise in cloud data warehouse (CDW) implementations. Challenges around legacy warehouses, high adoption rates of SaaS applications, and market projections have all guided data and analytics leaders to shift to the cloud. But the transition to the cloud shouldn’t be rushed.

We believe this report from Gartner will offer you expert insight into the key challenges and best practices for migrating your data warehouse to the cloud and provide you with a readiness assessment that can help you prepare.

By reading this report, we believe you will learn:

  • Whether your enterprise is ready for a cloud data warehouse implementation through an in-depth readiness assessment
  • How to assess which parts of your data warehouse should be replatformed, rearchitected or replaced in the cloud
  • How you can communicate the cloud’s benefit to other stakeholders and business decision-makers

Gartner, Cloud Data Warehouse: Are You Shifting Your Problems to the Cloud or Solving Them?, Robert Thanaraj, 7 April 2020

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