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Gartner Research | Build Continuous Quality into Your DevOps Toolchain

Analyst Research
Learn which continuous quality tools are critical for DevOps success

Gartner, “Build Continuous Quality Into Your DevOps Toolchains,” Jim Scheibmeir, Thomas E. Murphy, Joachim Herschmann, Christopher Little, March 13, 2018

Read this new report, Build Continuous Quality into Your DevOps Toolchain, to get Gartner’s recommendations on how IT leaders can evolve their teams, toolsets and processes for “quality at speed.”


According to Gartner research, “the need for better testing is crushing existing staffing capacity and utilization as organizations engage in DevOps to support demands for digital business transformation initiatives.” In fact, Gartner’s recent survey found that automated testing had the greatest impact on enterprises’ ability to scale DevOps (more than application release automation, monitoring…)


By downloading this report, we believe you will learn:

  • Why continuous quality is a critical component of successful software delivery in DevOps
  • How to select the right quality tools for the DevOps toolchain
  • How to implement an iterative approach to continuous quality improvement
  • Which technology and automation approaches have the greatest impact on DevOps success