The missing link for accelerating DevOps testing


The missing link for accelerating DevOps testing

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Testing is often blamed as the enemy of acceleration initiatives—learn how it can evolve into an enabler of “quality at speed.”

Watch as Gernot Brandl, Solutions Manager at Tricentis, and Dr. Tuuli Bell, Partner Account Manager at Tasktop, explore why and how to make Testing the hub of organizational quality. You’ll learn integration strategies that accelerate testing, increase team productivity, and optimize decision-making across the DevOps pipeline by:

  • Automating the flow of defects, requirements, epics, and test cases across the value stream (Atlassian JIRA, HPE ALM, and Tricentis Tosca)
  • Synchronizing system critical data between systems while retaining relationship and context information
  • Minimizing errors and rework by flowing defects round trip to development for correction

Gernot Brandl, Senior Project Manager, Tricentis

Tuuli Bell, Partner Account Manager, Tasktop

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