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Expectations vs. reality: The role of testing in a DevOps transformation

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Tricentis and TechWell partnered on a survey to understand how the role of testing is evolving against the backdrop of modernizing development and delivery methods. We wanted to learn how agile and DevOps have affected how testers spend their time, as well as their scope, status, job satisfaction and ability to meet expectations.

We also wanted to learn how organizations that have successfully achieved DevOps transformation think about testing, and how perceptions differ based on an organization’s maturity level.

Download the report to learn:

  • Where testers spend the most time and their most common pain points
  • How satisfied testers are and how well they are satisfying expectations of managers and others
  • How much their organizations are prioritizing testing
  • How actual and expected test automation rates compare
  • How responses vary based on DevOps maturity level and testing methodology

See a visual summary of the results and related resources here.

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