BI/Data Warehouse Testing

Typically, data integrity issues go undetected unless domain experts discover a discrepancy in a report. At this late stage, it’s difficult and time-consuming to unravel and remediate the problem. The fact of the matter is that without a data testing strategy, the effectiveness of your BI tool will be compromised.

Tricentis helps your business eliminate data integrity risk. We automatically verify data quality across all BI/DW stages (including the reporting layer) since data integrity can be compromised when data is created, integrated, moved, or transformed.  With Tricentis, you can prevent data integrity issues by exposing the problem early and automatically.

Automated End-to-End Data Integrity Testing

End-to-end testing can be performed using pre-screening tests on files and or databases; completeness, integrity, and reconciliation tests on the inner DW layers; and UI tests on the reporting layer.  Databases, flat files, HDFS as well as web UIs, APIs/services, etc. are all supported, allowing a true end-to-end testing approach across all layers of the data warehouse environment.

Automated End-to-End Data Integrity Testing with Tricentis Tosca

Verify Data Quality and Processing

Automatically generate vital checks for both data quality and data processing. The generated test cases cover both table level checks as well as field level checks for the various DWH/BI layers. Business reconciliation can be performed through data-set comparisons—including file to database and database to file comparisons.

Verify Data Quality and Processing with Tricentis Tosca

Data Profiling

Multi-column profiling helps you inspect more complex business rules, particularly within the BI layers. You can easily setup both inferred and trend/targeted profiling tests on a business level. This establishes an early, automated alert system for both data quality and data processing issues.

BI Report Testing

Tricentis Tosca’s Model-based Test Automation automates testing of BI reports by providing checks for fully-laid-out reports or analyzing the underlying data that is fed into the reports (e.g., Cognos, Tableau, Qlik, etc.). Tricentis customers who have used Model-based Test Automation to automate their BI report testing have achieved automation rates of up to 90+%.

Tosca BI - Field Test