Cross-Browser Testing

Driven by the most advanced technology on the market, Tricentis Tosca cross-browser testing exposes critical regressions—without overwhelming you with false positives or requiring burdensome maintenance as the application evolves.

Let Tricentis Tosca guide you to the most efficient set of tests required to cover your business risks, then use any test you create across all target browsers and devices.

Rapidly Create Robust, Reusable Tests

Scriptless model-based tests are not only faster and easier to create than scripted tests, they’re also much more efficient. With Tricentis Tosca, you can use the exact same tests across multiple browsers or mobile devices. If your test plan requires variations, it’s simple to introduce conditions without impacting the original tests.

Reduce False Positives

Insignificant changes like minor “look and feel” updates can cause other functional tests to fail, and just a few false positives is likely to cast doubt on all test results.  Tricentis avoids false positives by using multiple advanced methods to identify on-screen controls. With image-based recognition, as well as identification by properties, anchor, index, or “Smart ID,” test cases are remarkably stable.  Additionally, “self-healing” technologies further reduce false positives.

Simplify Test Maintenance

With Tricentis Tosca’s model-based tests, test logic is separated from the technical details. This means that if a technical detail changes, you can update it once in a central model, then that change is automatically propagated throughout the test suite. If a frequently-used control changes, this could mean the difference between an easy 2-minute update versus days or weeks of tedious test script reworking.

Achieve High Coverage Efficiently

Tricentis test case design technology guides you to the most efficient set of test cases required to achieve optimal risk coverage. This accelerates test execution and streamlines test management. The elimination of redundant tests also ensures that when a test fails, you can immediately zero in on the responsible application logic.

Improve Testing Team Productivity

It’s easy to get started with UI testing in Tricentis Tosca. Testers can rapidly learn the intuitive Tosca interface, then begin writing tests that any other team member can readily understand and extend. This stops the proliferation of scripts or frameworks that are a mystery to everyone except the author. Moreover, once testers master the Tosca approach to cross-browser testing, it’s easy to move on to API testing and service virtualization using those same skills.