Exploratory Testing Features

Tricentis simplifies exploratory testing planning, execution, documentation, and reporting with features such as…

Session Planning and Organization

Take advantage of the lightly-structured nature of exploratory testing. Tricentis lets you rapidly define sessions, charters and test objectives, testers, session timeboxes, related artifacts, etc. in a central location. Session owners gain a quick overview of session results and progress, while testers get quick access to all the details required for testing.

Easy Access for Diversified Testing

Feel free to invite anyone on the team to participate in exploratory testing. Anyone can join in—even if they don’t have Tricentis Tosca installed. With a larger and more diverse group examining the application, you reduce the risk that critical issues go unnoticed and expose a broader variety of issues.

Automated Recording

Multiple “record” functions allow you to capture everything you explore, giving you easy-to-annotate screenshots and videos for comprehensive documentation. This makes it simple for developers to reproduce your issue—and it helps you accurately verify their fix.

Integrated Results

Exploratory testing progress and results are presented in intuitive dashboards and integrated with the outcomes from your complete test portfolio. Correlating exploratory testing results with those from automated API and UI testing (cross-browser, mobile, SAP/packaged apps, etc.) as well as  manual testing provides the holistic view that’s helpful when making go/no go decisions.

Easy Sharing

The session owner can instantly send the responsible developer detailed information about each session and the issues it uncovered—including specific test steps and system information. This simplifies defect reproduction so the issue can be addressed promptly and accurately. Annotated screenshots and videos help developers zero in on the issues and understand the tester’s perspective.

Exploratory Testing for Mobile

Now that mobile applications have become the primary interface to online services, delivering an exceptional experience has become a top business priority. With Tricentis, you can easily plan exploratory test sessions for mobile applications, automatically record test actions with annotated screenshots and videos, and instantly share detailed results—all from the mobile device. By encouraging team members with different perspectives to collaborate on testing, you expose more defects and provide quality feedback faster.

Exploratory Testing for Mobile