Manual Testing

According to analysts, 70% of software testing is still done manually. Much testing can and should be automated, but manual testing remains the best way to achieve certain quality objectives. Tricentis’ manual testing capabilities are designed to streamline the manual testing process so that it’s more viable within fast-paced modern delivery processes like Agile.

Simplify Execution and Reporting

Define test steps in the intuitive Tricentis Tosca interface, then let Tosca guide you through the testing process. Tosca keeps track of what step is next, and prompts you to record the result of each step before proceeding.

Capture Details for Defect Reproduction

You can use the manual testing interface to capture and attach screenshots, correlate associated artifacts, or simply add your comments to each test step. This makes it faster and easier for developers to reproduce any issues found. It also helps you prepare for audits required for regulatory compliance.

Inject Reusable Test Data

Test data values can be stored in Tricentis Tosca, then injected into the interface. This injection of reusable test data streamlines testing (no more searching for test data values), ensures repeatability, and increases test accuracy.

Easily Transition to Automate Testing

When you’re ready to transition a manual test case to an automated one, you can just link the associated test steps to the correlated model. At that point, test steps can be executed automatically.