SAP Testing

Less than half of SAP customers leverage advanced test automation to mitigate risks associated with SAP upgrades, service packs, customizations, and enhancements. Why? With legacy/traditional test automation tools, “automated” tests still require a significant amount of user interaction—making manual testing an attractive option.

Tricentis has changed the game with a new approach to SAP business process testing. With the most advanced SAP business process test automation technology on the market, Tricentis Tosca lets you effortlessly detect impacts to your core end-to-end business transactions—across and beyond SAP (APIs, web UIs, Java, mobile interfaces, big data, and more).

Autonomous SAP Testing:
“Zero-Touch Scriptless” Testing

With Autonomous SAP Testing, comprehensive business process testing has never been faster or easier. This groundbreaking technology automatically generates and maintains SAP business process tests—without requiring manual intervention at any point in the process.

The solution automatically discovers real user activities from production, applies AI to discover the most critical usage patterns, then automatically creates (or updates) a regression test suite that alerts you when SAP changes impact your critical business processes. This eliminates the need for manually-engineered test cases—dramatically accelerating business process testing.

Autonomous SAP Testing: “Zero-Touch Scriptless” Testing with Tricentis Tosca

Industry-Leading SAP Test Automation

Tricentis Tosca lets you automate scriptless testing for multiple generations of commonly-used SAP technologies—including the industry’s most comprehensive support for SAP Fiori, SAP UI, NetWeaver UI, and SAP iDocs. Model-based test automation helps key users rapidly define reusable business-readable tests. The test suite is architected so that tests are easily updated when your business processes change.

Moreover, risk-based testing guides you to the most efficient set of tests and test data required to cover your top business risks. The fewer tests the regression suite contains, the faster it executes and the easier it is to update.

SAP Impact Analysis

Tricentis Tosca Impact Analysis works with the SAP Solution Manager’s Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) to identify which test cases should be run when an SAP standard update package (Upgrade, EhP, SPS) has been implemented.  You can easily identify and schedule all test cases that cover the functionality affected by any set of SAP transports. Blueprints can be imported and synchronized to enable risk-based testing with full requirements traceability.

Tricentis Tosca SAP

End-to-End Testing Beyond the Boundaries of SAP

Reducing the risks associated with modern enterprises applications requires advanced test automation for the complete end-to-end business process. That’s why we integrate business process testing that (natively) covers mobile UIs, web services, ESBs, APIs, web UIs, mainframes, and even big data. Moreover, we provide complementary capabilities that ensure consistent, reliable test automation: for example, integrated test data generation and management for the complete test suite, service virtualization, and seamless integration with your “best of breed” ALM/DevOps toolchain.