SAP Testing Features

Tricentis SAP Testing provides industry-leading business process testing features such as…

Autonomous SAP Testing

Other testing solutions can analyze logs and compile an overwhelming list of processes to test. Autonomous SAP Testing goes far beyond that. First, we analyze logs to create the superset of transaction paths that represent real usage patterns. This provides a map of the most critical paths through the application. Based on these paths, we generate automated and repeatable business process tests. The result is a comprehensive set of regression tests that reflect actual business usage, execute rapidly, and are automatically updated when usage patterns change.

Autonomous SAP Testing: “Zero-Touch Scriptless” Testing with Tricentis Tosca

SAP Fiori Performance Testing
Leveraging Existing Tosca Functional Tests

Modern SAP applications, powered by S/4 HANA and Fiori 2.0, involve many highly-distributed components—and a performance issue in any of them could have a ripple effect across the entire application.

Tricentis Flood allows anyone involved in the quality process to start load testing from their desktop. Just give Flood a Tricentis Tosca functional test case or a JMeter, Gatling or Selenium load test plan, and we’ll distribute it across hundreds of servers in the cloud. We handle the logistics of generating load so you can focus on reviewing results and identifying performance issues as efficiently as possible.

SAP Performance Testing

SAP Accelerator Packages

Tricentis has identified and packaged 700 of the most requested transaction codes across several industries. These transactions have been fully automated and serve as automation templates for any SAP project. With this accelerator package, customers will be able to jumpstart their test automation efforts and remove expensive entrance barriers that have prevented them from using extensive test automation. With little to no customization effort, customers can add their own business data and adjust individually automated test sequences.

With Tosca SAP ECC Accelerator Packages, large SAP customers can automate test cases that are able to deliver 80+% business risk coverage for their standard transactions within a short period of time.

Solution Manager Integration

Our SAP-certified integration with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 not only helps you create and execute test cases, exchange test data, and consolidate reporting. We also go beyond this to enable risk-based testing and change impact analysis. The Solution Manager Solution Documentation is automatically synchronized with the risk-weighted requirements in Tricentis Tosca to help you prioritize testing according to risk and understand the true business impact of test failures. Moreover, the Business Process Change Analyzer identifies what automated tests cover the functionality affected by any set of SAP changes, then schedules those tests to be executed in Tricentis Tosca.

SAP Certified-Integration with SAP Applications

Solution Manager Integration

Mature, Robust SAP
Test Automation Capabilities

Tricentis Tosca features the most mature and robust test automation capabilities within the realm of SAP, covering all SAP user interfaces (SAP UI, NetWeaver UI, SAP Fiori) as well as SAP iDocs. This means that even non-technical users can rapidly create and maintain automated tests from a business-readable interface. For example, Tricentis provides out-of-the-box support for:

  • Validating SAP Fiori elements, including full cross-browser and mobile support (Android, iOS…) from a single test case
  • Unlimited navigation in SAP tables via business readable content identification
  • Verification of values in result tables (technically: label containers)
  • Status-checks in SAP tables
  • Navigation in SAP trees via business instruction
  • Creation and verification of iDocs
  • Handling dynamic SAP Control-IDs