What’s new in Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis is continually striving to push the boundaries of testing with Tricentis Tosca, providing product updates and releases that reflect the growing technologies and market demands of today. Be it an update or a service pack, Tricentis Tosca is constantly improving its usability and efficiency in order to provide users, whether tech expert or not, the best testing experience possible. The What’s New Section shows all our new Tricentis Tosca features and enhancements that provide efficient solutions for your agile and automation testing needs.

Tricentis Tosca Continuous Testing Platform 11.0

Transforming Testing for DevOps
The new Tricentis Tosca 11.0 release extends Tricentis’ industry-leading Continuous Testing platform, empowering enterprises to transform testing for Agile and DevOps

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Tricentis Tosca 10.3

This release introduced our new Exploratory Testing for Jira, running mobile tests on cloud devices, our new License Administrator and many features to improve your daily work with Tricentis Tosca.

Tricentis Tosca 10

Tricentis Tosca 9.1

Tricentis Tosca 10.2

This release introduced enhancements for SAP testing, mobile testing, API testing and more.

Tricentis Tosca 9.3

Tricentis Tosca 9.0

Tricentis Tosca 8.4

Tricentis Tosca 10.1

Tricentis Tosca 9.2

Tricentis Tosca 8.4 SP1

Tricentis Tosca 8.3 SP1