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Energy providers are striving to improve financial performance and customer service metrics while facing growing populations, evolving policies and regulations, and in many cases, severe capital constraints. Changes in the energy industry require continual changes in software technology to keep pace with regulatory requirements and increase efficiency, reliability, and security. Providers that are adopting new strategies and innovating for the smart grid must also continue to work with legacy systems. How to move forward in the modern energy era?

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Automated software testing with Tricentis

Leading international utility and energy providers, such as energy and environmental services company EVN and an oil and gas provider, depend on Tricentis solutions to accelerate software testing of complex business processes across environments that include both legacy systems and new technologies. Our approach helps providers ensure performance quality and security while reducing costs and time to market. It also delivers full traceability to ensure compliance as well as integration with SAP and other application lifecycle management and testing solutions, including HP QC.

Segments we serve

  • Oil and Gas
  • Utilities
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Supply Chain Management

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