Giving profit prime shelf space
Creating great shopping experiences that engage customers and build loyalty is more complicated today than ever. Retailers must continually refresh their online presence, provide more information and incentives, and deliver reliable performance no matter what platform, channel, or device customers might use. Credit card processing, e-coupons, redemption tracking, and more must work seamlessly and securely with backend systems for order management and fulfillment, inventory, and customer account history. Customers are shopping online, but they still expect fully stocked brick-and-mortar stores. Consumer goods suppliers want prime shelf space there, while technology suppliers are urging retailers to adopt the latest point-of-sale systems. Satisfying this diverse array of needs requires decisions based on strong data analytics and reliable applications to deliver that information.

Automate software testing with Tricentis

Retailers such as Australia’s Burnings Warehouse depend on Tricentis solutions to automate software testing of critical business systems. Our approach helps leading retailers accelerate testing for complex business processes across a wide range of platforms and devices, with full traceability. It helps ensure access to reliable, accurate data for critical decision making and application performance, quality, and security to create positive customer experiences in store and online. It also delivers certified integration with SAP and other application lifecycle management and testing solutions, including HP QC.

Segments we serve

  • Department stores
  • Discount stores
  • Specialty retailers

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