The Missing Piece in DevOps Testing

DevOps Testing in combination with Continuous Delivery (CD) has been gaining traction over the past few years.  Enterprises have been putting more effort in these approaches to help bring more value to their customers at a faster speed.  Prioritizing testing when driving DevOps means ensuring teams are focused on actual problems that are impacting enterprises.

  • Better Stakeholder Awareness
  • Reduce Number of Escaped Bugs
  • High Support Costs
  • Cost of Rework
  • Faster Feedback Cycles

Bringing testing more in line with DevOps or CD means first ensuring your teams are focused on actual problems impacting your organizations’ value.

Why DevOps Testing?

Getting your testing activities better integrated with your automated DevOps Testing process can help close gaps in stakeholder awareness of a system’s state. Testing exists to provide stakeholders information; better automation will give stakeholders more accurate information around risk to high-value features. The result is stakeholders see current status from the last automated run rather than outdated information supplied by testers who are several release cycles behind.

Carefully adding the right amount of testing and reporting into your automated release processes will ensure your stakeholders are able to make more informed decisions at their business level.

Testing the Missing Piece in DevOps - DevOps Cycle Graphic

Driving DevOps by Testing

Reduce your risk by testing often and early. Teams trying to more tightly integrate testing have to focus on the most critical aspect of good, fast testing: lots of discussions early in the process. Teams delivering high-quality software have their testers involved early in the process.

This ensures everyone on the team has a clear picture of the work being done, requirements such as baseline data, impacts on related components, and most importantly who will be performing what kind of testing.

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Automation is Key to Continuous Delivery

Bringing test automation into your delivery processes ensures you’ve got a repeatable set of checks which run constantly before any package ships. Automatically running checks around your regressions, performance, and acceptance as part of your development and rollout process can help dial back the number of escaped bugs—and improve your relationship with your customers.

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