Open Source

Open Source tools play an important role in the realm of software testing tools, as well as the broader software market. Since they are free, easy to adopt, and driven by a huge and enthusiastic community, their popularity is unbroken. While many commercial software suites are targeted towards comprehensive coverage of business processes, open source tools often focus on particular areas.

In the testing market you can find commercial testing suites that cover multiple technologies for automation in order to support E2E testing. In addition, some of them provide test case design, test data management, reporting, and supportive components like defect management. Open source testing tools on the other hand, tend to be more specialized in certain areas like API-, unit-, mobile, or web application testing.

Many testing projects start with open source solutions which are good up to a certain point. When projects evolve and grow to enterprise level however, comprehensive solutions become indispensable.

Tricentis wants to support their customers and protect the investment they made when creating valuable assets with open source tools. As a result, Tricentis has a 3 pronged strategy that can be summarized as: Embrace, Enhance, and Leverage.


Use your testing assets within Tosca Testsuite just like you did before in other tools. This helps you start transitioning to Tosca Testsuite without any hassle. For example, you can use your Selenium scripts in your Tosca Testsuite test cases by simply linking them.


Migrate your assets from other tools and convert them into native Tosca Testsuite objects. This brings all the convenience and power of Tosca to your existing projects without having to rebuild them. Tosca Testsuite’s SoapUI importer creates fully automated, ready-to-execute, test cases along with a basic test case design from your SoapUI projects – a perfect basis for bringing your projects to the next level.


Certain Open Source projects define standards that are being widely adopted by the industry. Appium, for instance, has become the number one solution for mobile testing. Tricentis uses those technologies to provide you with state-of-the-art test automation in various technologies.

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