Scaling Testing with Tosca as a Service (TaaS)

T ricentis Tosca Testsuite is a comprehensive test management and automation suite available on-premise and in the cloud as ‘Tosca as a Service’ (TaaS). Whether it is TaaS only (pure cloud deployment) or TaaS hybrid (mixed on-premise & cloud deployment), TaaS offers the right solution for you to instantly start, scale up, or geographically distribute your testing effort. TaaS does not require specific hardware and does not limit you to a type of operating system (Win, Linux, Mac). It comes in a modern software-as-a-service architecture that is cloud-based and browser accessible.

TaaS provides all of Tosca Testsuite’s test management capabilities in the cloud – manual testing, risk coverage optimization (requirement management, test case design), reporting and test automation. Additionally, Tricentis offers full cross browser web automation in the cloud.

No Hardware Set-up or Maintenance

Concentrate on testing rather than all the hardware that comes with it.

Using TaaS means:

  • No need to buy or maintain new and expensive hardware
  • All you need is a computer that runs a modern web browser
  • Immediate Set-up times means lots of flexibility
  • Easiest way to scale your manual test efforts across all geographic location and timezones.
Taas No Hardware Set-up or Maintenance Graphic

Download our Tosca as a Service (TaaS) Factsheet.

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Flexible and Platform-independent

taas Flexible and Platform-independent graphic

TaaS works well alone and partnered with on-premise installations. This allows local installations to work together with other TaaS instances. As the TaaS repository is hosted in the cloud, all artefacts can be shared between all users.

It can also be used with any modern (HTML5) browser and the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • and Mobile Services

Painless Upgrades

TaaS is automatically upgraded twice a year, which avoids all the complications that regular IT approved upgrades would create. There is no need to create a request with your IT organization, or to wait for approval. The upgrade process is smooth and automatic with no risk to disrupt your ongoing testing projects.

Taas Painless Upgrades - Tosca Screenshot

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