Web Applications

Web applications owe their popularity to the ubiquity of web browsers and are only increasing in importance, despite the advent of mobile apps that in many cases offer the same services. Though most often used for webmail, online retail, blogs and wikis, web apps can be used to enhance your company’s services in many ways. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you test your web app:

Cross-browser compatibility is essential

Whether they’re using IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, your customers have the same “always on, always available, always easy” expectations that they have for mobile apps and other aspects of your business. Compatibility across browsers and versions is now a standard expectation, as warnings that apps are best viewed in specific browsers disappear from the marketplace.

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But the browser is only the top layer of the cake

As a rule, web apps consist of three different tiers, only one of which is the actual browser. Cross browser tests provide important information about the customer’s interaction with the app, but does not cover its inner functionality. The Tricentis approach advocates for testing only what needs to be tested to provide sufficient risk management and to maintain efficiency. For your web app, this means restricting cross-browser testing only to the top layer. The presentation layer generates web pages and transfers dynamic content to the web page, often from a database, while the business logic and data layers are responsible for calculation, validation and data access for the presentation tier. No cross-browser test cases are required for these layers; here, you can maintain efficiency and cover risk requirements by restricting your testing to just one browser.

Maximize efficiency by automating your web app tests

Test automation is more than just useful for web app environments; it is in practical terms the only way to guarantee efficient testing among all the different browsers and versions that users have access to. Combining the Tricentis approach to automation with the use of virtualizing technology to mimic the behavior of different browsers and versions provides the test coverage and the efficiency you need.

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