Chief Marketing Officer

Brent Remai

Brent is a strategic, growth-oriented CMO with a proven track record in SaaS/Cloud accelerating revenue growth for both well-known organizations such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), FireEye, McAfee, and HP, as well as top tier VC-backed startups. Recipient of several industry awards; recognized by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) as a top 10 marketing executive in Silicon Valley.

Leveraging a full stack skill set in running global marketing for billion-dollar businesses and rapidly scaling startups to IPO, Brent’s experience emphasizes creating new categories, driving corporate storytelling and positioning, building B2C and B2B campaigns tied to ROI, overseeing high velocity, self-service SaaS web adoption and pipeline for the field, and creating massive tailwind by bringing consumer flair to B2B marketing. He has deep expertise in SaaS apps, cloud storage, security, cloud compute, infrastructure and IoT.

Brent led global marketing as the ‘CMO’ for both multi-billion dollar core services and emerging businesses of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the #1 SaaS/Cloud provider, including running cloud storage, SaaS apps, IoT, security, and several other businesses. Instrumental in driving significant growth for the SaaS and cloud businesses, with ~50% growth each year and a $30B run rate.

Earlier in his career he transformed Sequoia-backed FireEye from a young, 55 person startup to a 1,200+ employee company with $250M+ revenue and a $4 billion IPO within 3 years, the second largest tech IPO of the year behind Twitter. He followed this by re-igniting Andreessen Horowitz-backed Bromium to 6X growth.