Tricentis Tosca Connect

Combining the power of enterprise software testing with Software Lifecycle Integration enables enterprises to connect their automated testing with development processes to lower business risk and accelerate innovation.

Tricentis Tosca Connect removes the barriers to test automation and enables Tricentis Tosca to be seamlessly integrated into your software development.

Extend the benefits of test automation by also automating the collaboration between test and other disciplines to remove costly and error-prone manual processes while enabling the short test sprints required by Agile teams.

Tosca Connect

Tosca Connect (powered by Tasktop)

Take advantage of the fully automated, enterprise-scale integration capabilities of Tasktop’s comprehensive Sync Framework. Tosca Connect™ helps customers to easily link their Tosca projects with tools typically used within software development organizations.

Synchronization can be run unattended on a server, thereby saving users from executing tasks on client machines. An Intelligent conflict resolver handles concurrent changes, while extensive customization capabilities lets you decide how to transform information during transmission.

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