Tosca Design Challenge

Starts on: 29th May, 2017
Ends on: 7th June, 2017

Tosca Design Challenge is an event for Test Design Specialists (TDS) to design an optimized set of test cases.
The Tosca Design Challenge is the third part of the Tosca Tournament which ends with Accelerate 2017.

Tosca Tournament Overview

  • 11/2016: Tosca Automation Challenge for Automation Specialists
  • 02/2017: Tosca Hack Week for Automation Engineers
  • 05/2017: Tosca Design Challenge for Test Design Specialists
  • 09/2017: Tosca Surprise Trophy

Tosca Design Challenge

Contact & Questions

If you have any further questions.
Write a mail to

Do I have to create a set of automated test cases to complete this challenge successfully?

No. For the Tosca Design Challenge, you need to design an optimized set of test cases in the Test Case Design section.

Is it still possible to register for this challenge?

Unfortunately the registration is already closed.

When is the deadline?

June 7th, 23:59 local time of the participant

Winner announcement

The winner will be announced on 23th of June, 2017