Reporting & Dashboards

Tracking and reporting critical KPIs during testing is essential to demonstrating the return on testing investment and ensuring the alignment of business objectives. Tricentis Tosca has a rich set of capabilities to track and report on various metrics related to testing.

With Tricentis Tosca, customers can describe the status of testing at any point in time. The reporting can be done from a variety of perspectives including risk coverage, the number of test cases and their execution results, or based on current as well as historical data (status charts and trends).

Tricentis Tosca Reporting Functionality

Users can choose from a wide range of pre-defined reports, reflecting the most common metrics. If the required report is not listed, users can search, join and aggregate any data that is held in Tricentis Tosca’s repository by using Tricentis Tosca’s powerful query language TQL. The resulting data can be represented via Tricentis Tosca’s built in layout engine or can be exported in any of the common formats used today (csv, xls, pdf, xml, html).

Tosca Testsuite Reporting Functionality Graphic

Technology Integration

Risk Coverage Optimization

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